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First Entry!
2013-08-18 (日) | 編集 |
First official entry anyway.. I've written a few entries in the past.
... But I always end up deleting them.

I wanna talk about a few things that have in my thoughts for a while.

First one is the KCEDB2

Last year, they had KCEDB1.
... which I couldn't join because
1.) I was scared-ish.
There were so many good youtaites participating.
and I was just, well, me.
I had no background and experience.
So if I joined, I would have no idea what to do. AHAHAHA
2.) I didn't have a proper mic.
I only had 1 song uploaded during that time the DB took place and
I recorded it with my computer's built in mic.

So last year, I was determined to join this year's DB.
Little did I know.. I would have no time. orz
Of course I knew you'd be busier in college than in high school..
But I didn't expect my schedule to be THIS hectic!
I go to school at 9am and come home around 8pm!
Plus I have NSTP on Fridays and Saturdays..
It's like Sundays are my only offs. *sigh*

So yeah.. no KCEDB for me this year.. u__u
Hopefully my schedule wont be as hectic next year. ;;

The second thing drifting in my thoughts is Alfie.

I've always admired Alfie! He's such an awesome guy!

What makes my Babbu awesome, you ask?
Let me summarize it into 3 reasons.

He's an amazing artist! Check out his deviantart! ;;u;;
He's got them skills.
He's really nice! He was one of my first friends in the youtaite community.
His voice makes me wanna jump off a cliff into a sea of feels.
I've always loved his voice! It was like this husky boy next door type. /smacked

But lately, his voice has become deeper.
It's smexy. ;D
I swear, when I heard his voice in his group's vocafxR2 entry..
I had an imaginary boner.
It's so deep.. and smexy.. and adssdfdsfkds
My heart cannot handle it!.

The third thing on my thoughts are
Ando and Soraru.



Okay! That is all I'll be writing!
'Till I write again! c:

xx Allyssa

☆Feeling: Sleepy..
☆Listening to: Rebellion - 1 0 0H P S (ugh.. Alfie's sexy voice )

On the side note..
Lookie! It's me and Danny!